The theme of the 16th issue of the AD conference is “Accelerating natural cycles with anaerobic digestion.” We accelerate natural cycles from small to large scale on sewage, sludge, manure or agrowaste. We increasingly treat industrial wastewater anaerobically, and these engineered digestion systems allow recovery of energy and resources including carbon and nutrients. AD16 will further strengthen this evolution, by bringing together and activate debate across the multiple disciplines needed to understand the processes related to anaerobic digestion.

 Accelerating natural cycles
Delft University of Technology
23-27 June 2019, Delft, The Netherlands

THP + AD process at Cardiff WwTW, UK
How to overcome THP limitations in AD, obtain 30% more biogas, 15% more dewatering with a net energy rate with 17 kWh-out per kWh_in.
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Ultrasoud to Maximise Anaerobic Digestion of Thermally Hydrolysed Sewage Sludge
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